Saturday, January 3, 2009

Thoroughly Modern Millie

This puppy is a hoot! She's just over 3 months old, has a smart mind and knows how to use it.

Take for instance today's experience: breakfast time. I had fed Jack early this morning to lure him into his crate so I could go out grocery shopping. I didn't feed the ladies until later in the morning. Map and Tuesday got their food first and by the time I got to Miz Millie, Map had already gobbled her food down.

I put Millie's kibble in her bowl, and immediately Jack and Map crowded around to see if they could somehow get it. Millie was in her x-pen (exercise pen, which is in the form of a 4' x 4' square) and I put her food in the corner easier for me to reach.

With two big-dog--comparatively speaking--snoots in her face sniffing at her food, she was not a happy camper. So she picked up her bowl with her teeth and moved it to her bed, which is in the corner protected by the couch and the wall!

OMG, how hysterical is that???

I may see if I can get her to do it again at dinner time, and this time video tape it. Ya know, why do I get all the Marleys? I seem to be a creative and energetic dog magnet, lucky me!