Saturday, November 29, 2008

Quickie Catch Up

So much for November!!!

This month simply flew by.  I had a scant 10 days to get stuff done when it was finally time for the Nationals, more specifically the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of America's National Specialty, which was basically a corgi only dog show that had about 400-odd dogs.  Everywhere you turn--corgis!  It was super fantastic and I had an incredible time, save for the hideous viral infestation I got.  Still have, two weeks later.

Anyway, I got home from that on Sunday and had a mere 4 days to get my act together for setting up the first symposium for our Conte Center at work.  5 speakers, 120+ registrants, 15 posters, a break and reception to flesh out.  Not fun when you can't breathe and sound like you have tuberculosis.  But in spite of my sickness, I somehow pulled it off.  With the help of incredible friends at work, that is.  No way I could have done that thing alone!  We went to dinner after at Fleming's, one of those expensive a la carte steak houses, and then once we wrapped up dinner, we went back to work unloading all the things we had to take over to the "show" site.  I felt like it was another dog show, ha ha!  The day went from starting work at 7 am to wrapping up unloading at 11 pm.  Needless to say, I barely moved that weekend.

I trekked over to my parents' house for Thanksgiving with Tuesday and Map in tow.  Jack has issues with strange dogs and I simply didn't feel well enough to break up a dog fight.  The girls had a fantastic time chasing Sassy, my parents' chow chow, around and they also had fun playing with Juno, an American Eskimo dog.  Teeny thing.  Tuesday had the most fun with her, which is amusing.  Tuesday sometimes has issues with new dogs, too.  But I am proud.  And both Ladies were POOPED when we got home.  They love to lounge, but they actually crashed.  Gotta get 'em out more often!

Now I am chilling out (avoiding cleaning) waiting to go meet the Bitch 'n Dine crew for lunch.  I was going to go with them to see the 4-H kids put on their dog show, but with my lingering cold and the dust in the AG center, I decided to opt out of the show, but join in for lunch.  From there, it's off to Carra's to pick out a show puppy!

Good Lord, I am INSANE!!!  I need a 4th dog like I need a hole in my head, but I do love doing the dog show thing.  Yeah, step away from the crack pipe.  

I got a little bonus on my November paycheck, so I guess I'll head over to PetEdge and buy puppy supplies!  

I'll try to do a bit more updating in detail on the Nationals, all the corgi stuff I bought and random stories from the event.  I had a great time and can't wait until next year's, which is going to be in KY not far from Cincinnati.  I was so inspired by the stuff there that I want to get off my duff, clean in my garage and get back to work on stained glass and mosaics stuff.  Make something really cool to donate to the silent auction.  I'll grasp at whatever straws I can find to get me back into a creative mode!

More later!!